Ancient Measurement

How Ancient civilizations created Precise and Reproducible Standards

Ancient Standards of Measure

This Book records the results of eight years of research into the development of standards of measure in the ancient world. It Makes important contributions to Ancient Metrology and The History of Science.These Ancient standards of Measure traveled the Earth from China and Japan in the east to England in the west.

They also traveled through time from the construction of Stonehenge to the magna Carta of King John in 1215 and finally to the creation by Queen Elizabeth 1 of the British Imperial System of measures in 16th century.

Acknowledgement This work would not have been possible without the pioneering work of Dr.Marvin Adell Powell, Mr. A. E. Berriman O B E, and Sir Arthur J. Evans

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Ancient Measurement an Abstract

ACADEMIA LettersAncient Measurement an Abstract (The Meter is 5000 years old) Background Roland Boucher In the 1960s while working in the Hughes Aircraft Satellite Division, I was involved in demon- strating satellite communications to the airline industry when NASA began asking for reports in the metric system. It was not used in the aviation industry at…

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The Pendulum and the Foot in Ancient Metrology 2013

Presented at the Sigma Xi SOUTH WEST Regional Conference Jan 5 2013 Roland A. Boucher MS Yale 55, Retired, Orange County CA Chapter Sigma Xi Only Five Standards of Length Were Needed to Measure the Ancient World • All standards could be reproduced with an accuracy of one mm or less • All standards were…

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